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 Chronos Organisation

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Chronos Number
Chronos Number

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PostSubject: Chronos Organisation    Chronos Organisation  Icon_minitimeFri Jun 17, 2011 8:20 am

Chronos Organisation  100px-Sunagakure_Symbol.svg

Chronos Organisation

This organisation is what keeps things right in the city and watches over everything, it is also responsible of defending the village from outside attacks and deal with all economical issues.

The Ranks:

Chronos Elders: These are basically NPCs, and they are the heads of the organisation. They control everything in the city even its economy. The Numbers take orders from them.

Chronos Numbers: They are the special forces and agents of the organisation, they are one of the strongest assassins in the world. The Chronos Numbers are like a clock because Chronos means time so it will be time numbers and since their are twelve members like the face of the clock. Each members has his own number that ranges from I to XII, and it must be tattooed in a place from his body. They also all wear a special outfit, that is: Black Long Coat- White Shirt- Black Trousers and Black Shoes.
PS: Number I and II are the Leader and his Right Hand, but the rest are chosen randomly, so being Number III doesn't mean you're higher ranked than the rest.
Along with their missions, each Number needs to choose a subject that he'll teach to the Apprentices.

Chronos Apprentices: These are the students of Chronos School, they're taught to be the next generation of Chronos Number. Upon the death of a Number, the elders will choose one of the apprentices to take his place. They're taught under the hands of the Numbers.

Chronos Soldiers: [i]These are also NPCs RPed by any number that thinks he needs them in some mission. They don't have any abilities but they have many developed weapons.

The Members:

I- Ian Evans
II- Edward Evans
III- Open Slot
IV- Open Slot
V- Open Slot
VI- Open Slot
VII- Open Slot
VIII- Open Slot
IX- Open Slot
X- Open Slot
XI- Open Slot
XII- Open Slot

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Chronos Organisation
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